This section shows you brief information on the effectiveness of your campaigns and creatives and your main metrics.

First of all, set the date range in the upper right corner. Click on the date range, then click on the first date and the last date, and click [Apply]. Or, click on the predefined time period at the right, and then click [Apply]:
Information on the page will be updated instantly.

At the top of the page, you will see the gauges displaying metrics, like Impressions, WinRate, Spend, and more. Click the 'gear' button at the right to select gauges to display:

See ‘Campaigns’ section for more information about metrics.

In the main area of the page, you see the graph displaying the dynamics of two selected metrics.

Above the graph, there are the following controls:

  • campaigns selector which allows choosing a particular campaign or all campaigns
  • 'by days/by hours' switcher – you can choose whether to group data by hours or by days.
  • entities selector — you can choose two entities to display (one in green, another in purple color), for example, impressions and wins. Immediately after changing the entity, you will see the graph displaying its dynamics.