Setting up an Audio creative

For the Audio type of creative, you have to set the following parameters: Creative Name – set the name for creative to differentiate it from other creatives. For example, 'Audio ProductX2 2023'.

  • CPM – the price for a thousand impressions. The minimum CPM is $6. Also, you can activate ‘Adaptive CPM’ which will lower the CPM price when possible in order to save the budget.
  • Frequency – select the way to define the user uniqueness: by IP or by the user agent. Set how many times per 24 hours the user can see the ad. For example, you may consider that hearing the same ad two or three times per day may be more convincing for the user than just one time, but the 7th time may be annoying. If you think so, set the frequency to 2 or 3, or so.
  • Set at least one IAB category (according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau classification) that characterizes the creative to make the targeting more specific, so that it helps to match your creative with publishers and users who want to see advertising in those categories.
  • Creative – here you can upload an audio file from your local storage, or set up a 3rd party creative tag that calls audio from another source. You can also add macros to the tag. Macros are built-in tracking variables that allow specifying additional parameters and details provided with a tag.

Note: Macros allow tracking information on the advertiser side. This information will not be available in reports on the DSP side. To add macros, click the ‘Tag macro list’. You will see all available macros. Choose the parameters you need and add them to the tag manually.

Note: You can only use macros from the Tag macro list. Macro is case-sensitive.
Click to read more about macros.

  • Location Folder – here you can set the folder to store the creative in.