Basic Questions

1. What is a DSP (Demand-Side Platform)?

DSP stands for Demand-Side Platform, software that is used for programmatic ad serving, typically via bidding in RTB auctions. The purpose of a DSP is to display advertisements on suitable inventory according to the targeting requirements and for the optimal price.

2. How does a DSP work?

Demand-side platforms are used by advertisers to replace manual ad serving with an automated, real-time bidding platform. The whole process can be summarized in the following steps:

  • Advertisers set up their campaigns with the required targeting criteria and upload the ads they want to show.
  • Publishers make their ad inventories available through ad exchanges and supply-side platforms.
  • These platforms offer ad placements to the DSP, which makes a decision to send a bid to serve the impression based on the campaign’s targeting criteria.
  • The advertiser competes with other advertisers for the ad impression, placing bids in real-time.
  • The demand-side platform serves the impression, and the ad is shown on the publisher’s website or application.
  • This whole process is conducted in milliseconds when someone visits the publisher’s site or application.

3. Do I need any special knowledge and/or experience with programmatic to advertise on your DSP?

Not really - our interface is fully intuitive and easy to learn. In addition, our brilliant account managers will ‌help you with any questions you may have.

4. Where will the ads that I serve through SmartyAds DSP appear?

It depends on your settings. You can choose to show your ads only on websites or applications, you can choose the list of exact websites or applications you want or you can exclude specific sources that you don’t want to show your ads on.

5. What kinds of ads can I launch on SmartyAds DSP?

We support all popular formats and types of ads:

  • Banner
  • Video
  • Rewarded Video
  • Native


  • Banner
  • Video
  • Native

Mobile Web:

  • Banner
  • Video
  • Native


  • Banner
  • Video

6. Is your technology self-service or managed?

It is self-service, but our managers will guide you through and might give you advice to set up or optimize your campaigns.

Payment Terms

7. What is the minimum prepayment on your platform?

The minimum prepayment is $1,000.

8. What are the payment terms of your DSP?

We work on a prepayment basis. This means that if you’re an advertiser and want to activate your DSP account, you’ll have to fund it first. For the prepayment, we accept credit cards, wire transfer and PayPal. You can deposit the necessary funds directly through your DSP dashboard in the “Billing” section. After you deposit $1,000 in your account, you’re free to launch your ad campaign and bid for ad placements.

Note: Please review our privacy policy, demand policies and our terms of service. Make sure you meet our policies first and make a deposit only after your creative has been approved by our team!

9. What payment models do you support (CPM/CPC/CPA etc.)?

We work only on the CPM (Cost Per Mille) model. So, this means that you will be charged for each thousand impressions served through our DSP.

10. What budget should I have to start a campaign?

To start running a campaign, you need to have at least a $1,000 balance.

Before you make a deposit, please review our privacy policy, demand policies and our terms of service. If you have any questions, please contact us at advertisers@smartyads.com.

11. Will I need to pay for using your platform?

We will not send you additional invoices for using our platform. After you make a deposit on SmartyAds DSP, you are free to run campaigns and contact your account manager for any questions that may arise during our cooperation.


12. How do I get the rest of my balance back?

First, you need to send a request to your account manager’s email in written form.

Once our account manager receives your request, he/she will start processing the refund. If the request is satisfied, it will be executed in the next 30 (thirty) days from the date of receipt of your written request.

The amount of the first deposit ($1,000) should be deemed a non-refundable guarantee deposit, which serves as a monetary guarantee for the safe and proper usage of the platform on your side, covering the maintenance and SmartyAds’s efforts regarding your campaign’s launch on the platform.

This means that if you have $5,000 left on your balance, and you have decided not to use our services anymore, we will issue a refund for $4,000; the remaining $1,000 will be left on your account balance. You will be able to spend it anytime you want for the period of 6 months since your last activity on the platform.

The guarantee deposit is non-refundable, according to our terms of service. You accept and agree that in case a refund is requested for any reason, of whatsoever nature, such first deposit in the amount of $1,000 shall be excluded from the amount of the refund requested.

For more details, please read our terms of service page.

13. When will I get my refund?

Once we receive your request in written form, the refund will be processed within 30 (thirty) days.

14. Can I get a refund sent to another payment source?

No, refunds are made strictly to the payment source that was used to execute the payment previously.

15. What is the time-period within which I can return a product?

Refunds may be requested no later than within 45 (forty – five) days of the date of the allocation of the funds to your SmartyAds accounts.

16. I still haven’t received my refund. Why?

We will make a refund within 30 days, but there might be a delay (that will depend on the bank's processing speed).

17. What if it’s not my first deposit and I got less than $1,000 on my account?

In that case, you won’t be able to get a refund - we reserve the right to keep the rest of your balance on our platform. You will be able to spend it anytime you want for a period of 6 months since your last activity on the platform.

Running Campaigns

18. What advertising content (verticals) is acceptable?

We work with mainstream traffic and verticals, such as arts & entertainment, hobbies & interests, business, news, education, technology & computing, science, sports, shopping, style & fashion, automotive, careers, travel, home & garden and pets.

Note: Before you make a deposit, please review our privacy policy, demand policies and our terms of service. If you have any questions, please contact us at advertisers@smartyads.com.

19. What are the most common sizes on your DSP?

We work with all standard IAB sizes.

Our most popular are:

  • For desktop web: 300x250, 728x90 and 160x600
  • For in-app: 320x50, 320x250, 320x480 and interstitial
  • For CTV:1920x1080

20. What are your bid floor rates?

Our current floor rates for the creatives are as follows:

  • Banner - $0.5
  • Native - $0.7
  • Video in-app $3.0
  • CTV - $10

21. Do you offer support and help with campaigns?

Yes, our account managers are at your service to assist you with your campaigns. Please consider that even though our account managers can guide you through our platform and give you the necessary recommendations, all of your settings depend only on your strategy.

22. How do I get started?

To start using our platform, you need to:

  • Create an account
  • Set up your campaign
  • Upload your creatives
  • Wait till our team approves the creatives
  • Make a deposit on your account
  • Enjoy the results!

23. How are my campaigns optimised?

We have a few innovative tools, developed by our team, that will help you to optimize your spending and increase your campaign performance. You can set up specific optimization rules, use click booster or the brand-new adaptive CPM feature for your campaign; additionally, you can use our robust and extensive reporting tool to analyze your campaign performance.

24. How do you ensure traffic quality?

On a daily basis, we use Protected Media and Pixalate, together with our own in-house solutions, to scan and verify all kinds of traffic and inventories that you will be serving your ads on.

25. How do you prevent ad fraud?

We use TMT (The Media Trust) to verify the quality of advertisements.

Targeting & Retargeting

26. Can I target campaigns by language?

Yes, you can!

27. In what regions can I run campaigns?

You can run your campaigns world-wide.

But our most popular GEOs are:

  • United States
  • Indonesia
  • India
  • Mexico
  • Colombia
  • Philippines
  • Peru
  • Pakistan
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Ukraine
  • South Korea
  • Germany
  • France

28. Can I target ads only on certain domains or apps?

Yes, you can!

29. What other parameters can I base-target my campaigns on?

We propose many valuable targeting options, such as:

  • Geo
  • Connection type
  • Carriers
  • Categories
  • Operating system
  • Browser
  • Filter lists by:
    • Domain
    • Application names
    • Bundle ID
    • Device ID
    • IP
    • Publisher ID
    • Site/App ID
    • Direct URL

30. Does the platform support re-targeting?

Yes, our platform supports re-targeting.

31. Do you support private deals?

Yes, you can set up private deals on our platform.

32. What types of conversion tracking does the self-service ad platform support?

Third-party impression analytics tag, Postback URL, Conversion Pixel.